• Temperature insulaons for roofs, walls, basements and acs
  • Industrial temperature insulaons for pipes and tanks
  • Fridge equipments, coolers and industrial freezers
  • Temperature insulaons for wagons, ships and submarines
  • Temperature insulaons for poultry buildings and greenhouses
  • Polyurethane foam spray (closed cell- rigid), rigid polyurethane foams are used in different types such as polyurethane sandwich panels, various polyurethane coangs, temperature insulaons for fridge floors and polyurethane foam spray.
  • Polyurethane foam spray (open cell – semi rigid), it is used for insulng walls, roofs, floors as well as internal and external seams in the buildings


  • Having Sound and heat insulaon-air sealant
  • Being quick and easy to operate
  • Being non-allergic for human
  • Being high adhesion on any surface
  • Having high resistance against transferring heat
  • Having low weight
  • Using spray applicaon ( no need to provide connecons)
  • Being uniform a  er applying on the surface Having high power in absorbing water Inhabing bacteria and fungus
  • Unchanging the physical and chemical properes over me

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