ISOFAR -The water and heat insulator- is a mono component fiber coang which is considered as a great

alternave for the other types of insulators such as bitumen, asphalt and other tradional systems. This system covers the cracks on surface and creates appropriate adherence to all kind of surfaces.

Besides this system owns a good resistance against climate changes and UV rays, making it durability for a long me.
Water and heat insulator in the roofs and walls of houses, Schools, and public places
Water and heat insulator on industrial roofs, as well as the ones in goods and cereals storehouses and gable roofs
Integrated insulaon on inclined and domical surfaces
Insulaon for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and swimming pools


Healthy and Eco friendly
Easy and fast operaon
High resistance against climate factors and UV rays
High durability
Integrated coang
Bitumen materials protecon against UV rays Wide temperature resistance (-30 c up to +130 c) Safe, odorless and light
Applicable on horizontal, vercal and inclined surfaces
Perfect adhesion to all types of surfaces (cement, concrete, bitumen, asphalt etc.,) Economizing energy costs in buildings in summer

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