Bentonite powder which exists between the two layers of Geotexle a  er contacng with liquid, changes into the gel material and due to hyperinflaon, creates perfect insulaon in hydraulic systems.


  • Insulaon in: Waste landfills
  • Channels and dams
  • Tunnels
  • Oil , gas and water tanks as well as lagoons
  • Around concrete piles
  • The foundaon of different types of structures
  • Composite coangs Secondary coangs Retaining walls


  • Self- reparaon due to GCL inflaon
  • Capability of construcng tanks and pounds in any size During construcon, it does not break or crack like clay Economical in terms of me and cost because GCL sheets join each other easily by overlapping
  • GCL sheets do not crease because unrolling and no cavies are produced within them
  • Applicable in keen slops because this system can bear shear forces easily.
  • This system can be applied instead of 50 cm thickness clay and increases the landfill volume.
  • Flexibility of this system allows the operator to apply GCL as easy as possible on any surface.

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