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Faraz Andishan Rastin Company (FARCO)

Faraz Andishan Rastin Company (Farco), specialist in epoxy flooring by providing epoxy raw materials such as resin and hardener, consisting of competent managers and experienced staff and developing a comprehensive and long-term vision; In order to achieve ideas in line with the country's economic plans in order to promote self-sufficiency, it considers itself obliged to identify the needs of the country's industry with the efforts, commitment and national determination of domestic specialists and experts in its research units and by looking at the long-standing experiences and Presenting new and effective ideas, with a new movement related to your field of activity.

High work expertise for covering the floor surface

Faraz Andish's experienced team, relying on its knowledge and experience of half a century, with expert and specialized staff, can examine and test your environment and consider the best and most engineering method for epoxy flooring in your environment and perform epoxy coating operations. to give


It has official approvals from various companies and organizations, high quality materials and successful projects



Has multiple certifications to comply with implementation standards, as well as security protocols and a strong management system

Farco Holding is the leader in the field of supplying and implementing flooring

As much as the quality and standard of materials and raw materials are important, this company has focused all its focus and energy on supplying based on the mentioned elements. It is always trying to take responsibility for the implementation and application of epoxy and polyurethane resins based on the defined standards by using experienced operatives and technicians and most importantly forming an integrated operational team. On the other hand, our experts do not have any restrictions for the implementation of flooring in various environments, as they had work experience in industrial, production environments, public spaces, airports, sports venues and other centers.



The most important advantages of epoxy flooring


Attractive beauty and visual effects, transparent and stunning surface, flat and uneven coating in many colors and due to the ability to wash epoxy floors, you can clean them at any time and you will have a beautiful and shiny floor forever. had


Based on detailed tests and specialized inspections, epoxy floors have different resistances, which are as follows:

  • Ideal impact resistance against heavy objects
  • Abrasion resistance in contact with frictional forces
  • Chemical resistance against acid and alkali substances
  • Resistance to minor and general corrosion
  • High resistance and strength against heavy weight forces and movement of machines

Long lasting

Epoxy floors can last for several years due to their high adhesion and type of structure in terms of longevity and stability. On the other hand, the maintenance costs are not very high and they are considered the most economical flooring.

Introducing some examples of our work

More than thousands of domestic and foreign projects are examples of the works of this company, and you can see examples of epoxy works below. Epoxy flooring for residential public parking lots, etc., hospital epoxy flooring, anti-acid epoxy flooring, industrial epoxy flooring for forklift pressures, etc.

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Types of epoxy flooring in terms of application

According to the application in the industry, epoxy floors have different applications and according to their advantages, they are used in various industrial, hospital and commercial fields.

Some of our achievements

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Internal project

History of cooperation with major domestic organizations and bodies of the country

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Foreign projects

Working in the international arena and providing services to customers abroad

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ongoing projects

It has a large number of projects running due to the high desire of customers

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