Disproportionated Rosin


Disproportionated Rosin is good compatibility, and heat-stable properties make it suitable for use as an excellent base material for polymerization reaction emulsifiers and a shortstop in various solution polymers, where it provides tack and stability to the finished polymer. It is also a good tackifier for adhesives.


Suggested Applications

1.Used as an emulsifier in the polymerization of SBR and other synthetic rubbers, and a shortstop for certain solvent polymerizations of rubbers. Its versatility enables the synthetic rubber producer to use one basic tackifier in both emulsion polymerization polymers and solution polymers.

2.Used as a tackifier in pressure sensitive, sealant, hot melt adhesives, water and solvent based construction adhesives including carpeting, flooring, framing and tile applications where good tack and stability are required.


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